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Page was created (9.8.2003). Last update: 9.2.2010
Forums were enabled again
This page get soon real update (and will be valid), so enjoy! Many bug has been fixed, some new will come and some still persists (9.2.2010)
No one of these bugs should crash Opera.
Note that these bugs was found using Opera 7.x+. Last tested by me using Opera 10.50.

Unconfirmed bugs, yet.

  1. Text in css overflow is cut off by table (19.8.2003) Discuss bug
  2. Hardcoded black color of forms, textareas and buttons (19.8.2004) Discuss bug
  3. Text-decoration: blink working only inside first level (19.8.2004) Discuss bug

Confirmed bugs

  1. (#123596) Bad table rendering (9.8.2003) Discuss bug
  2. (#151166) Unwished border around focused button (25.8.2003) Discuss bug
  3. (#166174) Cutted content inside block element (1.8.2004) Discuss bug
  4. (#166176) Table with floating images as a content have bad width (1.8.2004) Discuss bug
  5. (DSK-277092) Jumping menu (9.2.2010) Discuss bug

Undefined in HTML/CSS spec.

  1. Text in table not correctly centered (29.8.2003) Discuss bug
  2. Element LI is partially hidden after visibility: hidden (29.12.2003) Discuss bug

Fixed bugs

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